Frequently Asked Questions

With SBD Home, you simply get quality and beautiful homes either for your own or for your AFH business.
All of our homes are “Energy Effecient” with quality standard construction.
For as as long as you have an exclusive right to use it, then yes we can build it for you. We can also assist you in finding a plan of your specifications.

It depends what kind of finish you prefer. Also the cost of each home
we build will depend on the local cost of materials and labor in the area.

Entire home is 3 years from foundation to rooftop. Mechanical such as heating and plumbing systems and electrical is 5 years. For as long as you own your home, we guarantee it’s structural, load bearing elements will meet the elevated level of performance for so long as you keep the necessary maintenance and not abuse the house.
We are building homes across Washington State, please call our main office for our current projects and see if it falls on the area you are most interested. Otherwise there are other options we can explore.

We do. By hiring independent subcontractors it can help speed up in building your home.